ecNow event, portal and e-learning

PostNord ecNOW (e-commerce NOW) is a total solution for e-retailers, with services in customer insight and communication, flexible warehousing, consumer-driven logistics and global e-commerce. The assignment was to create an informative and rewarding event with a focus on PostNord’s e-commerce service ecNOW, which leads to new customer contacts.

In connection with the event and as a complement to PostNord’s portal, Postnord wanted help in developing informative basic training about their products and services.

After developing the idea and concept, we arranged an exciting and interesting event that was much appreciated. Among the event’s components were a nice presentation, a dice game and chef Linn Söderström. We also produced a film about the entire event to reach more potential customers.

After the event, we transformed the event page into a web portal where we then worked continuously to produce films, digital educations, podcasts and blogs design to create interest and commitment around ecNOW.

An example of an education was the Sales Education and was produced in Articulate Storyline. The purpose of the e-learning was to give the sales team an understanding of an e-retailer’s everyday life and increase the chances for the sellers to identify, sell and build a relationship with new and existing customers.

Wisebee also produced moving material and a brochure for a trade fair. The project was about capturing the problem for small and medium-sized e-retailers.The result was an animated film that puts the finger on the need for the flexible warehousing solution that ecNOW provides.

My role:
Resource- and Project Manager, UX Design, Art Direction and quality review as the Head of Design

Design Samples From Event Website – Before And After Event

Developed Website after Event

The Skills Needed To Produce The Event And Website

Project Manager

Strategy & Concept Developers

Art Director & Ux Designer



Film Photographer



ecNOW was later developed into PostNord TPL

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