About the project

There are many who want to know more about what it means to work in language development, why they should do it, what the benefits are, and how they can best provide language support at work. Lift the language at work!

Our customer needed help with design for the book ”Lifting the language at work” (Lyft Språket på jobbet) and Wisebee produced the designs, photographs and illustrations for the book.

A handbook for workplaces that want to work language development, based on many years of experience of working language development. The book contains concrete tips and advice on how to build a language-developing workplace filled with templates, exercises, copies from workplaces and much more.

My role:
Resource- and Project Manager, some production work and quality review as the Head of Design.



Category: Print, Design, Learning

Design Samples From The Book

We have also produced a Website and CMS for Language a work

Gains from language-developing working methods are seen in an improved
work environment, better documentation and clearer communication, a more open climate
 and increased quality and safety in workplaces.