About the project

For those who work in the field of medicine, current knowledge is the key to success. The Academy of Medicines (Läkemedelsakademin) offers training for both new employees and experts in the entire pharmaceutical chain.

To create a suitable structure, Wisebee works to pedagogically update and rework scripts and create design for the digital educations.

Target group:
Trainings aimed at pharmacy staff

• 43 digital educations within Self-care (Articulate Rise)
• 2 digital educations in Pharmacotherapy (Articulate Storyline)

My role:
Resource- and Project Manager, template design, production work and quality review as the Head of Design

Design Samples

The Skills Needed To Produce The E-Learnings

Project Manager and Production manager


Template design

Production team

Medicines and animals – E-learing built with Storyline

Most pharmacists probably associate dispensing medicines in pharmacies with medicines for humans. But depending on the pharmacy and location, there are of course a lot of expeditions to animals as well.