About the project

The meat and charcuterie companies were in great need of updating and modernizing two educational books ”Charkfabriken” and ”Slakt med styckning”.

The assignment included reviewing and rewriting existing texts from both a pedagogical and a linguistic perspective and supplementing the material with new chapters such as packaging, new products and green proteins.

The books were updated with a new format, new texts and design as well as with new pictures and a new illustration style.

Various experts in the various fields were involved throughout the production of the books.

My role:
Resource- and Project Manager, Art direction, production of the books and quality review as the Head of Design.


Client: Kött och Charkföretagen

Category: Print, design, illustrations 

Example of pages from both books

The Skills Needed To Produce The Books

Project Manager


Experts within the different areas

Art director & illustrators

We have also built a platform and E-learnings for Kött och Charkföretagen

A digital learning platform from the Meat & Meat Academy
developed to meet the shortage of butchers and butchers in Sweden
and the need for quality-assured education.